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For release on or after Tuesday, August 5th, 2014.


Eatwell Farm Raising Funds to End Hatchling Destruction in Poultry Industry


On August 5th, 2014, Eatwell Farm (Dixon CA) is launching their BarnRaiser campaign


to raise $25,000 to start the movement for a more humane poultry industry by ending the cruel practice of hatchling destruction.


Join Eatwell Farm's campaign to start the movement to make humane, sustainable farming the norm across the nation, and help end the practice of killing millions of baby chicks every year in hatcheries producing laying hens.


Every year, billions of hatchlings are ground-up, gassed or suffocated in the production of laying hens. By volume, nearly 100% of all eggs produced are laid by hens bought from hatcheries who carry out this terrible practice.


The BarnRaiser campaign calls for help to raise funds and awareness so that Eatwell Farm can transition to dual-purpose breeding, a system where all hatchlings are raised and given a dignified life instead of the current industry standard - destruction within hours of hatching. “It’s unnecessary, it’s cruel, and we can all do better. With enough support for our BarnRaiser we can make this transition and be an example for other farms to follow,” says Nigel Walker, owner and operator of Eatwell Farm for over 20 years.


According to Jim Adkins, Founder of the Sustainable Poultry Network, “Heritage breeding dual-purpose birds is the way of the future. Its more sustainable, and it eliminates the need for this cruel practice while also improving the flavor, resilience, and health of the animals involved.


On-farm breeding of heritage, dual-purpose birds has other benefits including: higher security against salmonella, better adapted birds as selection continues, improved flavor and production, as well as a smaller carbon footprint due to less trafficking of point-of-lay birds


Donate to the BarnRaiser and share it with friends to help Eatwell Farm make humane and sustainable farming a reality across the nation.


For more information, contact:

Cameron Ottens, Project Manager at Eatwell Farm

707 280 5968

707 999 1150

Campaign URL:

Or find them at, on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Or find them at, on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.