We just launched Lorraine’s Market Finds, featuring some of my favorite goodies from the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market. We are starting out with just a few items, but my hope is to expand this section of “extras” so we can cover more of your basic needs. For now, we are starting out with some of my favorite treats from Little Apple Treats, Nana Joe’s Granola, and Volcano Kimchi.

Little Apple Treats owners’ Dan and Joanne are old friends. They began playing with the apples out of their orchard and discovered they could make truly delicious products and the creativity began to flow. I absolutely love their Apple Cider Vinegar and use it quite often in my salad dressings, sprinkle a bit over sautéed greens, or mixed with a bit of bubbly water as a very healthy, refreshing drink. Their ACV is stronger than most of what you buy in the store so I typically use it sparingly. When they came out with the caramels I found my new addiction. The funny thing is I am not a fan of caramels, but these are just so delicious, they are literally one of my favorite treats. They are quite rich and typically one leaves me pretty satisfied.

Nana Joe’s Granola is just amazing. I actually became a fan of Nana Joe’s before I started eating the granola, and that is because Michelle Pusateri, the owner and founder, is just an amazing woman. She is such an enterprising and supportive businesswoman, reaching out to the community, working with different chefs for seasonal specialty blends. I know you will love her granolas as much as we do! I chose three of the flavors, on is grain free, one is sweetener free, and the other is very much a standard granola. All three are delicious!

Volcano Kimchi is not just another kimchi company. I haven’t yet had the chance to meet Aruna Lee, but she has been shopping our stand at the market for quite a while now. The Jicama is my absolute favorite, I just love the crunch. The Napa Cabbage is more traditional, and just perfectly balanced. Kimchi is a great way to add another fermented food to your weekly diet. I firmly believe eating a broad variety of fermented foods is one of the healthiest things we can do to improve our diet. The Napa Cabbage will be made with Eatwell Cabbage when it is back in season for us.

I hope you give one of our new items a try. I love supporting my friends, and sharing some of my favorite treats from the market with all of you! And if this goes well, we can add more.