Recipe shared on Slack by CSA member Kristina P. Kristina wrote that this is her favorite turnip recipe, the original recipe from the former CSA coordinator for Live Earth Farm in Santa Cruz

1 bunch Turnips


Olive Oil


Wash turnip bulbs and trim tops and tails. They do not need to be peeled. Cut in half (or thirds or quarters if larger).  Wash green tops, separating out and discarding any yellowed or discolored leaves and keeping the fresh green ones. Spin off excess water and chop greens.  In a heavy-bottomed skillet (I love cast-iron), melt some butter and add some olive oil. When butter has melted and starts bubbling, add turnips and stir/shake pan to coat and distribute oil/butter. Let cook over medium heat, stirring and turning periodically, until turnips begin to soften and lightly brown. Sprinkle moderately with sea salt, then add a small spoonful of honey. This will melt quickly so stir to distribute, then toss in the greens along with their clinging water. Continue to stir and cook until greens have wilted. Season to taste with additional salt and several good grindings of black pepper; stir and serve!  This dish also keeps warm nicely so you needn't serve it right away like other greens dishes where there is acid involved (lemon or vinegar) which causes the greens to turn an olive color after a short while. You can also refrigerate and reheat the next day no problem.