We recommend you start with a four-box trial subscription, which costs $116.00 ($132.00 with a half dozen eggs or $148.00 with a dozen). You may then choose to renew for another 4 weeks at the same price. Or ask for 12 boxes, with the 13th free, for $348.00 ($400.00 with a half dozen and $452.00 with a dozen). Likewise, 26 boxes cost $696.00 (or $800.00 with a half dozen and $904.00 with a dozen).

The prices are the same for every-other-week service, as is the size of the box. The difference is simply that a four-box trial would take 8 weeks to complete, 13 boxes would come over 26 weeks, and so on. 

Member may choose whether to receive deliveries weekly or bi-weekly (every other week).

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