We offer the four-box trial because our experience is that this is sufficient time for a member to determine whether or not our CSA works for their family. However, we certainly do want everyone to continue their membership with us after the trial has completed! We do our best to make this easy: you'll receive an email the week of your third (and, therefore, second-to-last) delivery that will outline your various renewal options. We only renew your subscription upon request (otherwise, your deliveries will simply end after four).  If you would like to continue with the same subscription, click on the renew button on your member dashboard when you login to your online account.  If you would like to choose a different subscription, go to the subscription page and choose a subscription length that suits you.  If you do not wish to renew, we would love some feedback on your experience and wish you well! You are always welcome back at any time, of course -- just give us a call!

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