Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a growing, 20-year old movement in which organic farmers sell directly to consumers, forming a unique community, or partnership with them. In a CSA, subscribers help support small, regional farms by paying in advance for fresh, organic produce delivered weekly throughout the year. CSA is good for consumers. With CSA, the variety of fresh, delicious food delivered to you is regionally grown using a minimum amount of fuel and packaging. Most importantly, CSAs provide the consumer with a direct connection to the place where their food is grown and the people that grow it. Eatwell Farm’s CSA members will have opportunities to visit the farm, get to know the farmers and other members of the CSA community, and learn more about sustainable agriculture.

CSA is good for farmers. Farmers receive a steady source of income and a guaranteed market for their produce, which relieves much of the risk of small-scale farming.  And through CSA, farmers are able to plan and pick crops more effectively.

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