You have never been as refreshed as you will be when you have one of our Drinkwell Softers.

Drinkwell Softers are an organic, fresh-brewed and naturally effervescent beverage made with herbs from our farm like lavender, lemon verbena or rose geranium.

Mixing whey, organic sugar and distilled herbs, or hydrosols, and then letting them ferment together, we make a truly fantastic, naturally carbonated drink you won't soon forget. The process eats up some of the sugar leaving a beautiful floral flavor, a light sweetness and energizing, small, champagne-like bubbles.

Enjoy this sophisticated and refreshing non-alcoholic beverage from retail locations all around the Bay Area.


Where To Buy

Check the map below for retail locations where Drinkwell Softers are sold.

No retail locations near you? Tell your favorite grocer about us and suggest them to us. We will get in touch with them ASAP. Thanks!