It's time to join in on the tradition. Let's get canning! 

Tomato season is in full swing on the farm, and the vines are bursting with ripe and juicy tomatoes ready for picking. Join us as we harvest the bounty of the farm, toss it in a pot, and create delicious tomato sauce to savor the rest of the year. The produce is free, so bring as many jars as you can process over the two day event! The ticket price covers the cost to host the event and pay staff. 

We have two sauce parties scheduled on the farm this year so you won't miss out. You can even come to both! 

Tomato Sauce Canning Party Dates:
Saturday, July 26th - Sunday, July 27th
Saturday, August 9th - Sunday, August 10th

The Beginning of a Tradition:
7 years ago, Nigel and a group of local farmers were notified by the Secretary of Agriculture for the State of California that a rogue mediterranean fruit fly hitch-hiked from Hawaii to California on a mango somebody smuggled into the state. The flies were caught in a local trap and an immediate 3 mile quarantine area was created to prevent the fruit fly from moving to other farms. Eatwell Farm could not move any fresh produce off of the farm, which basically shut us down. 

Lorraine had the brilliant idea to invite members to the farm to turn the beautifully ripe tomatoes into sauce, which the Department of Agriculture stated could then be taken off of the farm since it was cooked to a certain temperature. 

Two hundred members showed up in support of the farm, turning terrible circumstances into a huge party!

Let's continue that party this year! Gather up your friends, family and neighbors, and head out to the farm to preserve the best tomatoes you've tasted. You'll spend the weekend making sauce, meeting other members, eating delicious food and exploring the farm. Don't worry if you don't know how to make tomato sauce. There will be plenty of experts on the farm with tips and tricks to help you out. By the time the weekend is over, you'll be one too. 

Schedule of Events:

10 AM: Set up tents and camp-stoves
11 AM: Time to get cookin'
12 PM: Nigel demonstrates how to make the perfect Naked Sauce. (Believe me, this is something you don't want to miss.)
Lunchtime: Pack a picnic and enjoy your meal in the orchard, member's garden or another beautiful spot on the farm. There are plenty of options.
12 PM - 6 PM: Cook, wander, laugh and drink. Enjoy all the farm has to offer. 
6:30 PM: Pot-luck dinner. Nigel and Lorraine will provide polenta which will pair perfectly with all of the tomato sauces simmering in your pots. Bring a pot-luck side dish to share with other members as this is a community meal. 
Sunset: Campfire with s'mores (bring your own fixins) 

6:30AM - 8 AM: Freshly brewed Blue Bottle Coffee in the farmhouse
8 AM: Breakfast in the farmhouse featuring Eatwell Farm's pasture raised eggs
9:30 AM: Meet Nigel in the member's garden to begin the farm walk
9:30 AM - 12 PM: U-pick strawberries and tomatoes (only $1.50 per pound to take home)

What To Bring For Making Sauce:

  • Camp Stove with extra fuel

  • Stock Pots

  • Spoons

  • Cutting Boards

  • Knives

  • Clean Jars and lids (bring as many as you want)

  • Apron

  • Wide- Mouthed Funnel (for pouring sauce into jars)

  • Lemons/Lemon Juice

  • Vinegar

  • Garlic (We're not sure we have enough left on the farm)

  • Salt/pepper and additional seasonings

Other Items To Bring:

  • Refillable Water bottle

  • Sturdy shoes for walking the farm

  • Swimsuit and towel

  • Hat

  • Sunscreen

  • Side dish or dessert for the pot-luck dinner

  • Camp dishes 

  • Tent and sleeping bag

  • Musical Instruments

  • Fixin's for s'mores

  • Picnic blanket

  • Camp chairs

  • Jacket for the evening and morning

  • Camera

  • Tasty beverages of the kid and adult variety

  • Bubbles and fun activities for the kids

  • Bags or totes for gathering produce

  • Flashlight

What We'll Provide:

  • Water

  • Unlimited tomatoes, basil, onions, herbs and peppers for your sauce

  • Polenta for Pot-luck dinner

  • Coffee and Breakfast in the farmhouse

Absolutely NO dogs or smoking allowed on the farm. 

The farm has some rugged terrain, but many areas are wheelchair accessible. 

We love your overwhelming excitement at visiting the farm and are thrilled this year to open these event days up to even more members, friends & family and you, our Good Eggs customers too!  Please invite your neighbors, co-workers and anybody you think would be excited about the farm, our wonderful CSA Program and those who may just enjoy a day out in the country.

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