1/2-2/3 cup long grain wild riceGreen garlic and/or spring onions from Eatwell box. Red wine Fresh herbs from box (or dried, as taste dictates). 4 c. (or so) veggie or chicken broth Fava beans, shelled 1 bunch chopped Eatwell greens (chard, kale, or stir-fry mix)

Cook wild rice. Drop favas into gently boiling water. Cook until tender. Slip from skins, if desired. Meanwhile, saute green garlic and/or onions in olive oil over low heat. Add a splash of wine and simmer. Add herbs and the broth. Toss in favas and greens. Let incorporate for a bit, and then add the rice and simmer. Enjoy.

recipe submitted by member Bonnie Harrison. Thanks, Bonnie!