Strawberries and Mud
It seems that after eating a large amount of fresh strawberries straight from the plant, the only obvious thing to do next is find a mud puddle and roll in it. At least that is what the sons of Thorina (Haight-Ashbury host) thought they should do. It is not unusual for us to have to hose down children after visiting the farm — last year we had a group from the SF Waldorf school whose teacher, Amy, is a longtime member of Eatwell. Almost all the kids went home no longer deprived of mud.
Thanks to all of the 750 of you who came to the five Strawberry days. My apologies for those of you who were ‘bumped’ from the event after my inept webmastery let more people sign up than we could handle. I have learned my lesson and will doublecheck everything in future.
Watch this space for more events in the near future. Nigel.Img_3768