P7110006This is the time to sow fall crops in the shade house. They are sown in trays with 200 cells and will be big enough to transplant outside in about six weeks.
All our seed comes from John Bauer at Snow Seed in Salinas CA. (www.snowseedco.com) It is untreated conventional seed or organically grown. We use organic whenever possible but not all the crops and varieties we use are available organically. Each year this is improving.
the seed is placed in each of the 200 cells by using a vacuum plate with 200 sized holes on it. Each hole contains one seed and when the plate is placed over the tray the vacuum is released and the seed drops. Arturo in the picture below is using the seeder to sow onions where he wants 3 to 5 seed to be sown in each cell. Arturo takes care of all the greenhouse work and runs the seeding crew.