P72000171_2For many years we have not grown sweetcorn. It take up a lot of space and we have had some problems germinating the crop in our soil. Another farm grew the crop for us but since they were also having problems growing it for us we decided to have another go.
To help with the germination we soaked the seed is a material called Feather Tea. The material is certified for organic growers and is made from feathers. It was developed to aid rice germination but we have found it helpful on many large seeded crops that we sow on the farm. The germination of the sweet corn has been almost 100%. The stuff works.
We applied plenty of compost to the soil and the crop has grown well as you can see from the picture below.
We even had to thin the crop to make sure each plant had enough room. We always prune the plant which involves removing any side shoots that grow from the base. This concentrates the energy to the main stem and ear production. The Variety we use is Ambrosia. This is a bi-color variety that is sweet but has lots of corn flavor. From the responses so far many of you like the variety. We will grow more corn next year with the hope that we can put it in the box every week during the season.