The variety we grow is called Ambrosia, it is a bi color corn variety, some of the kernels are white and others golden. John our seed supplier at Snow Seed found us a sweet but corn tasting variety which it sounds like many of you are happy with.
As the bug populations always build through the summer there are a few worms in the corn. We are very surprised how few but we will cut the ends off each ear to remove the evidence. This is the very last thing we pick just before we pack your boxes. Eat it quick to get the full flavor.
As soon as we pick the corn the sugars start turning into starch. The very best way to eat corn is to boil the water first then go into the field. Pick the corn run back shuck it and put it into the boiling water. Barely cook it and then fish it out and eat with lots of butter and salt. Heavenly.
We realizeP9040034 not everyone can do this but we do our best to get you the freshest corn possible... Nigel