P9030020At the end of July we have 1,000 baby chicks hatched near Davis for us at Vega Farms. They have done very well but hey were quite desperate to move into big quarters. I have had some difficulty finding a Mobile home chassis onto which to build the house. Two weeks ago one was towed into the farm for us and within 10 days the chicks were enjoying it. It is not completely finished, there is much more to do, but it can be completed later. Each house will hold 500 chickens so we need to build another house within the next month when they will out grow this one. These chicks will start laying eggs after they are 4 1/2 months old which will be during the early part of December. They will not be let outside until they are almost 3 months old. Before that they are a tasty morsel for the farm hawks. We want the Hawks to concentrate on the Gophers and the Ground Squirrels.
Building these houses take time and a considerable amount of money ($6,000). We have been picking for our boxes and the biggest Tomato crop we have ever had so we are all tired and that's why there have been no postings on the blog for the last couple of weeks.