P9210008Another very busy day here on the Farm
Jose and the crew were working hard Thursday and Friday to get the Pack house up to Med Fly proof status. This is important so that we can bring fruit and other med Fly host produce onto the farm from farms outside the quarantine area, pack and then send them out in your boxes. We want to get your boxes as back to normal as soon as possible. We are not allowed to pick our own produce that are hosts to the Med Fly. At 3 pm I called Vince from CDFA who is the person in charge of the Med Fly eradication in Dixon. I asked him to inspect the pack house on Monday. he called me back at 5 pm and said he would be there tomorrow, Saturday. The CDFA and USDA do understand how important it is to get our business back to normal. We thank them for that.

This weeks box will be augmented by Eggplants and Peppers from Full Belly Farm and Grapes from Hidden Star Orchards. Although not a host we will include organic Rice from Greg Massa as a thank you for your understanding.

Jose and I will make a decision about the Tomato Sauce Party on Monday as some of the tomatoes were damaged by a heavy rain on Wednesday afternoon. We want to make sure we have enough for you all to make sauce.

My heart felt thanks go out to everyone who has called or emailed us with their support.
...Nigel and the Farm Crew

We moved the chickens in the new houses onto the old strawberry beds on Friday morning. Tomorrow we will continue work on the third house.