Howdy, members!

Gmail apparently has a cap on how many emails we can send in one day. Since I've been frantically trying to send all of you the invitation for our sauce party, we apparently reached that limit. I'll try to send out the Friday Afternoon Club email tomorrow as well, but for now, here's what's on the list for next week's box:

Head of Lettuce
Carnival Squash OR Escarole
German Butterball Potatoes (from RiverDog Farm)
Red Bell Pepper (from RiverDog Farm)
Flame Grapes (from Hidden Star Orchard)
Golden Delicious Apples (from Flatland Flower Farm)

It looks like a pretty nice box, gently straddling the line between summer and fall.

We have not been able to find any farm locally with extra tomatoes.

Have a gorgeous weekend!

Take care,

Molly Bloom
CSA Manager