Pa070062A very big thank you to all who came to the farm last Sunday. I had a great time, and your support is very much appreciated.
People came prepared to work and were very industrious. It was quite a site to see so many of you hard at work chopping and peeling. Jose and the crew picked 2,300 lbs of heirlooms and Roma tomatoes in the morning. We had fresh basil and onions on hand also. I was concerned that we might not have enough tomatoes still in a good condition but we ended up with 500 lbs uncooked which we hope to dry this week.
Members made everything from simple sauces, ketchup to plum jam. Lorraine kept the smoker going from Saturday night making sure everyone could go home with smoked Serrano Chiles. I saw some serious equipment roll in and heard many comments from people that they did not bring enough containers to take the sauce home with them in.
When I got a few moment to myself I looked upon everyone working hard and having a great time and thought ‘this is exactly the farm and community that I have always wanted’. So it took a few Med Fly in Dixon to realize that what we all have here is something very precious.
I would like to do this again next year, perhaps combined with a sleepover so we can take full advantage of the Bloody Mary Bar. Let us know your impressions and ideas… Nigel