Pb120054The police arrived just ten minutes after I had called them about the chicken shooting and Sadie. We are in the country and that is a fast response. I believe that Sadie escaped the  chicken coral when the shooting began, she was spooked. She came to find me and then went up to the pack house and eventually onto the road where she was hit by a fast moving car. The skid marks were over 50 feet long after she was hit. From the injuries she sustained it can be fairly said that she died instantly. The driver must have sustained damage to their car from the speed of the impact, Sadie's size and the blood that was all over the road. The driver dragged Sadie to the side of the road and removed her collar, most probably in an attempt to call. Unfortunately the number on the collar is not a good one anymore.
The officers from the Solano County Sheriff took pictures of the accident with Sadie and then we went into the field to view the chicken damage. The chickens are living at the north end of the farm, furthest away from my living space and the pack house. There were ten shot gun cases on the ground at about 40 feet from a chicken house that was fired into. All the sixteen chickens that died fell from their roosts. There were shoot holes in the protective plastic of the chicken house. These are the old chicken house that we inherited from Kyle. There were tire marking which showed that a vehicle entered the farm from the north end and left the same way. The officers took pictures of the markings.
Rural crime is difficult to combat as there are few people around to witness such a shameless killing of farm animals.
We are unlikely to find who did it but if they are caught at the scene of another crime then our evidence may link them to our farm.