Foosball_vvd0950I have sad news to report, Sadie, our hard working guard dog for the chickens was killed on the road outside the farm last night. We buried her in the orchard where we will plant a tree in her memory this winter.
I believe Sadie was looking for me, I was at the Green Festival and decided to stay overnight as we finished taking down our display so late. Sometime after Nikko left the farm at 4.30 pm on Sunday and 7 am Monday some person or persons came onto the farm and fired ten shotgun rounds into a chicken house. The chickens were roosting on their perches and 16 died.
On Monday morning I called the sheriff who came out to investigate and take evidence. I cannot convey how upset we all are on the farm over the senseless killing of the chickens and the death of Sadie. I will post more here including more pictures of Sadie celebrating her life on the farm. Nigel