Last night we have our third visit from the chicken killers. They shot 22 dead and we had to kill another 2  that were seriously wounded.  The sheriff came out again and I gave them a name which had been given to me. They visited the house of this person and the 'alleged' chicken killer sped off on foot. The truck and tire tracks matched the description we had given. At this moment the sheriff is getting a search warrant to look for the gun. This will, we hope, match the shot gun shells left on the farm with this person. More I cannot say at this moment.
I will be pressing charges if the police gather enough evidence. I will also be seeking a financial settlement. If any member who is a lawyer can help us with this please contact me. 530 848 3335.

We are relieved and hope that no more people with guns will be entering the farm. This cost the lives of too many chickens, the life of Sadie our darling Guard dog and has taken too much of our time. We look forward to getting back to doing what we should be, growing great food and eggs for you.