Maybe not the whole world but our little corner of the Bay Area has more than its fair share of these wondrous creatures.
Aphid Fact...
The 'Aphiditos' are born pregnant, no wonder they reproduce fast.

Aphids like many of the winter crops and each year they seem to be really bad on a different crop. This year and almost every year they infest the Broccoli, Cauliflower and Romanesco. Normally it is not too bad but the infestation has been relentless this year. Now not every head is bad, we carefully pick through the field. But some little buggers do get past us.
I have spoken with Tim at Riverdog farm and he says he sprayed every week in the fall. He called me to ask about an edible oil that I had used in the past, Stylet Oil. He had a little better luck with that. He believes the best thing he did was to plant Brussels Sprouts which are absolutely covered in aphids, they are his trap crop.

So for this year I think we may have to stop putting this delicious crop in you box. For next year we could get an extensive organic spray program worked out and plant a trap crop. Or we could give up on the aforementioned crops altogether. Then the aphids may just move into other crops.

I would love some help on this issue as Molly has 41 aphid unhappy emails on her computer.
Thank You.. Nigel