P3190005Over the past couple of weeks we have had three trucks this size deliver compost to the farm. The compost is made in Dixon from food waste collected in the Cities of Oakland and San Francisco. When you put the food scrapes into your green waste bin then it could end up as compost delivered to the farm. The nutrient cycle is complete when this compost then grows great produce that is delivered to your home.
We have been using this compost since the first day it was certified for organic growers back in 2000. Making compost out of food waste makes great sense as it keeps it out of the dump where it would decompose without air to produce methane and greenhouse gas. Composting is an aerobic process where the material is constantly turned and more air introduced. The microorganisms in the compost pile decompose the food waste into a light crumbly material that we spread on the fields. It is nutrient rich and grows great produce.
If your city does not make compost please ask why not?