P3270044The first field on the farm was sown to pasture two years ago. It was fenced ready for us to get some horses and to provide a winter pasture for the chickens. Last Spring we played host to some cows from a friend that did not end up leaving until the late summer. They ate the pasture to the ground so we needed to resow. When the Med fly quarantine arrived in September last year it made it impossible to get any horses due to the financial loss. I got a note in the mail from the members daughter, Sophie, with a check for over $100. Sophie had been saving up to help us buy the horses and even though we could not do that she decided to send us the check as she knew we needed help. It was enough to bring anyone to tears. I used the money to buy seed to sow the pasture. Last week Roberto mowed it for the first time.
I do not know when we will be able to get horses to help us on the farm but the pasture will be ready for them.... Nigel