P4210036Several farmers have taken an interest in the forty acres of wheat we have planted on a neighbors field. We are converting the field to organic production and for the first crop decided to grow wheat. The crop last four years was alfalfa which means that the ground was fertile and not likely to have too many weeds. Our friends Chip and Rachel who grow organic rice near Arbuckle checked it out. Chip, who is a fourth generation California farmer on the same farm, counted the rows of wheat berries on several ears. He counted 19 and pronounced a fifty sack crop. I will translate... A sack weighs 100lbs and he means fifty sacks to the acre, 5,000 lbs or 2.5 Tons on 40 acres means we are likely to harvest up to 100 tons.
We need about 50 tons for the chickens which we have to store on the farm.  On Tuesday I ordered 3  storage bins that each hold about 15 tons. We have to lay the concrete for these bins and arrange an elevator to lift the crop into the bins. This will take some work if we have to have it ready for an anticipated June 1 harvest.