P5300035There is no doubt that we are all addicted to the eggs, I am out of denial as many of your are too.
When you let a chicken be a chicken you do also have to accept that they are in control and not us. Nicco who is out main chicken Guy says that they do get upset with him if he is a little late with their feed or some other need that they have.
Production of eggs is  not so predictable also and especially not if we have a new batch of chicks delayed. We have five flocks, or will have by June 10th. At any one time four of them are laying eggs while one other is growing to replace one of the old flocks every six months. We have had a delay in being able to get chicks last January so the new flock will not be producing until late July. This means that we have a slight egg shortage for our Eatwell farm Members.
Please understand that we are doing our best and so are  'les Girls' in the hen houses.