P7190045In an attempt to reduce the amount of water we use to irrigate the orchard and to increase the uniformity of application we have tried a new system on one line of the new planting of peaches. Framers who use herbicides can lay pipes on the floor of the orchard. They kill weeds by just spraying. As organic farmers we have to cultivate the weeds. We have been looking for an economical way to apply water with mini sprinklers. Local walnut grower Russ Lester saw this system in Greece on Walnuts trees. I like it because the ground is free of any interference for hoeing. The sprinklers cover a large area at a relatively low pressure (20psi) that means we need to pressurize the system to a lower setting and thereby save fuel. We have 18 lines of trees like this in the orchard. It costs about $250 per line to install. We will work on each line as we have the cash available.