P8250045Every for the past five years Eric Tucker, the executive chef at Millennium Restaurant in San Francisco, has brought some of his Kitchen and wait staff to the farm. They taste the tomatoes straight from the vine, drink a little Miller Lite and then huddle to plan their five course tomato meal two days later. Once the menu is planned they lay down the boxes required from each variety at the end of the rows and start picking. It all usually ends in a tomato fight with the rejects we toss on the ground.
Millennium is one of the best Vegan Restaurants in the country and Eric walks the talk supporting organic farmers and buying fresh produce directly from them. There are many a famous chef that walks around the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market with their film crew checking the produce and just pretending the buy directly from farmers. Eric is the real deal.
This years 5 course dinner on Wednesday 27th August features tomatoes from 3 other farms besides ours and still has a very few spaces left. Call 415 345 3900 for reservations.