P9080054Our irrigation pump was replaced and now we have to get the new pump running on vegetable oil. The pump uses about 1 gallon per hour pumping 900 gallons of water per minute. It runs 24 hours a day so that adds up to about $100 of diesel a day. We have been waiting for a new filter system and time to install it. Yesterday while the pump was 'resting' Fernando connected the fittings to allow us to take water from the cooling system of the engine and use it to heat the vegetable oil. We hope to get the rest of the system installed in the next couple of days. Hopefully Dale our veggie oil guru will come soon to check everything over and make the eletrical connections. Then we will only use diesel for five minutes while we get the system warm and then five minutes before we turn off the pump to flush out the vegtable oil. We pump water  for about four days per week.