P9250004Daisy is now nine months old and very playful and full of energy. She is a very intelligent. Nicco has been taking her for a walk around the farm every couple of days to show her the boundaries of the farm. Hopefully if she does get out she will know her limits. Last fall some high school students from Dixon came onto the farm and shot chickens, Sadie, Daisy's half sister, jumped the fence to find me. I was away at the Green Festival in San Francisco. She did not know the danger and went on the road where she was hit by a car. It was clear that she died instantly but it was a tragic loss for all of us on the farm.
We hope that by making Daisy familiar with all the farm she will be safer.
As for the chicken killers we know who they all are but the District Attorney refuses to prosecute. It has been suggested to me that as at least one of the culprits played on the High school football team there may be a reluctance to bring them to justice. Go Rams!