PA090022This week we are picking more of the fall greens for our Eatwell boxes. These were germinated in the heat of early September. This was not an easy task. Too much water and the seeds rot in the soil, too little and the dry up. Our new sprinkler heads have made the task easier as they produce droplets that do not compact the soil compared to our old brass sprinklers. We are still learning how to best use these new sprinklers and we do have some uneven germination patches in the field.
Roberto is seen here cultivating more beds that we will plant this week. These previously grew butternut squash. We have not been able to sow anything for almost a week as it has been too windy. The seeds need water immediately and evenly. This is difficult when wind gusts reach 30 + mph as in the past week. The forecast is for warmer and calmer weather which means we will be out sowing again.