Last week we installed a new vegetable oil filter on our irrigation pump so that it can run better on the waste oil we pick up each week. This filter is called a 'Magnum' and it is made in Sacramento by
It has a heater coil inside wrapped around a filter element. The oil is heated by coolant from the engine as it runs. The filter element can be quickly changed when needed.
Now that it has rained we have turned off the pump and can give the system some much needed love. This engine is cooled by  a heat exchanger in the flow of water that it is pumping. This means that we have no fan or radiator on the engine. This gives us another 15% power to pump water that would be wasted turning a fan. The heat exchanger is leaking and as we need to put antifreeze in the system for the winter so we need to get this repaired. It is in the fabrication shop now and we hope to have it back by the middle of next week.