Last Fall we planted some of our wheat with our own seeder that we use for many of the vegetables on the farm. Our aim is to see if we can make the wheat and other grain crops fit to our standard bed system and be part of the rotations on the farm.
The crop is growing well. It benefited from an irrigation that the vegetables growing either side of it got after sowing. This weekend we cultivated it with our brush weeder which has two benefits at this time of the year. Firstly any weeds are removed from between the row and secondly air is introduced into the soil which helps the fauna in the soil wake up from their cold winter sleep and start releasing
We have planted four bed together so that the combine can harvest the crop. I am looking for a baby combine that can harvest a twelve to fourteen feet wide swath, let me know if you have any leads. Thank You .. Nigel 866-627-2465