To increase the variety of produce for our Eatwell Boxes we need more greenhouse space to grow the plants to put out into the field. We are growing lots more onions, peppers and eggplants. We also need a space in the summer (covered in shade) for our farm events. A greenhouse fits all these needs very well. We had thought about getting an event tent but the cost is more than a greenhouse which we get to use all year.
The greenhouse we have on order is like  the one above but it is 96' long and higher. The sides will be 8' high to allow us to completely open up the house in the summer. We hope to have many more farm events for our members and this space will allow us to offer more comfortable facilitates. The finance is coming from a low interest loan over two years. The full cost including concrete and woodwork/doors is just under $10,000. The space provided is 40' by 96', 3840 square feet.