We use pick up trucks around the farm to transport the crew, supplies and bring produce back to the pack house. We also have a Bronco. A friend said on seeing the Bronco driving through some mud 'This is what God made Broncos for' (working on the farm). Alas our trusty Bronco is no longer trusty. It is very thirsty, unreliable and smells badly. We had to replace it.
Last year I had the fortune to visit Tom and Denise Wiley's farm in Madera CA. They have 8 golf carts which the use around the farm with various trailers that they pull. These are not just any old golf carts. The are 'lifted' six inches, have over size all terrain tires and special torque controllers to help in the mud.
We took delivery of the first of what we hope will be many of these vehicles last Friday. Agustin, our chicken guy, was the first to get one. He loves it, all the guys want one now. I told them at $4,100 each we had to wait.
They charge up over night and do not guzzle gas. We like that. Our sons, Eric and Andrew, took it for a spin around the farm on Monday night. They approve also.