The chickens we use today are bred for the cage free farming operations. They love it in our pastures. We are looking for another breed that can handle the heat better. Ours can go into a molt in the summer if it gets too hot and windy. They houses have shade and misters to protect them.
Cory and I have been looking out for a bird that forages more of its own feed, can tolerate heat and cold and is dual purpose for eggs and meat. A tall order in these days of very specific and highly bred chickens.
This summer we will be taking delivery of two small flocks of Turkens, 500 males to be raised in chicken tractors for meat and 100 females to be evaluated for egg production. The breed originated in Hungary. They are also known as 'Naked Neck' Chickens, they do not have any feathers on their necks. Not the best looking birds but then we are not prejudice. We will report back late on how they fair on the farm and the table.