Just after lunch last Thursday I pointed the truck south on I99 and headed for Turlock. This is a trip I have been making for 14 years now at this time. It started when Frances said she wanted us to grow sweet potatoes. I found someone who would sell us the plants and since then they have become an important part of our cropping plan on the farm.
I picked up 55,000 plants, enough for Fully Belly Farm, Terra Firma and us. They cost us 11 cents each. We plant them 9 inches apart on ridges 40 inches apart. At 5 am on Friday we unloaded the truck and separated each farms orders. Jose took all of our farm crew into the field to plant ours. Within two hours they were all in the ground and the water was turned on.
Last weekend heat has not helped establishment and we have been sprinkling them almost every day. They should so fine as it has not been windy. They do not like wind and heat. We will begin to harvest the potatoes for our boxes and the market in September.
below is a picture of the Nursery beds where the cuttings are produced.