This week with your newsletter there is a sheet detailing the two events we have organized for June; lavender harvesting and the solstice garlic party. Please check the details of when to sign up for these days. There are also two rescheduled Strawberry days. June is going to be a very busy month.
In the event space last week Patricia, Frances and the crew planted the Kids garden. This has a tunnel of Cannas, a place to play in the dirt and more. They also planted Steveia, sugar cane and sugar beets to create what Lorraine calls ‘Candy land’. We are very excited to have a space to base our events and a great garden to enjoy.
The plants are small and we only get to work on the space when we have a moment. In a year it will be nicely mature, take a look when you next visit the farm.
Just a reminder that Eatwell Farm and it's events are only open to its members and their guests. You must be signed up for an event to attend.  Thanks... Nigel