Tomatoes are something of a specialty here at Eatwell Farm, and we truly enjoy growing them. We have been selecting and saving our own seed for many years. The above photo shows our second planting, which got staked over the weekend. The job now is to tie the vines to the stakes. Last year the stakes were about eight feet apart, but the weight of the fruit caused many lines to fall over. By selecting only the best vines, holding the most fruit, we ran into a problem. This year we have put the stakes closer together.
Keeping up with all the staking and tying is one of the biggest challenges we have in May and June. Jose and I were determined that we should not get behind this year. We arranged for some extra help starting in early May. It has helped and will make the rest of the summer easier, as we will not be playing catch-up.
Look out for the first tomatoes in your boxes at the end of the month.