Last Saturday evening Eatwell Farm member Chris Goldsmith, aka Beer Chris, inspected the Barley crop. We have 8 acres planted and it is maturing nicely. I told Chris back last fall that I would grow him some malting barley. When he saw how much he has to work with his face lit up.
Chris has this crazy idea about starting a beer CSA. I have done nothing to discourage him. You pay upfront for the beer and somehow it gets delivered to you each week. Firstly, Chris has to talk this over with the nice people of the ATF (Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms). Secondly, he makes some very good beer and then he has to find a facility to make his brews. None of these are small matters but I am determined not to stand in his way.
If he does not use all the crop then the barley will be part of our grain CSA and the chickens will get a look in also.