A big thank you to all the the members who came to the farm last Saturday. Our event garden lawn was filled with tents for our first party in the new space.
We harvested garlic into the trailer of the golf cart then took it back to the party area to make braids. The deal was you could take home what you braided. There were some big braids!
For supper our 11, almost 12, year old sons Eric and Andrew cooked up some fine Prather Ranch organic burgers on the grill (www.pratherranch.com). On Sunday morning we enjoyed our own scrambled eggs and locally made Micaela's flour tortillas. The great coffee came from Pachamamas (www.pachamama.coop).
We are planning four more events on the farm so if you have never been please do take the opportunity to find out where you food is grown. At each of the last two events there have been members that it was their first time on the farm and both have been getting Eatwell Boxes for more than ten years!
Don’t just believe what I write in the newsletter or on the blog!
Unfortunately due to demand events on the farm are only open to those who currently receive an Eatwell Farm Box. To sign up please go to www.eatwell.com.