Each year we use more and more drip lines to irrigate our crops. This means we have many tens of thousands of feet of drips lines on the farm. We use a tractor driven machine to wind the tape onto plastic spools to retrieve them from the field. We may just pick up the tape to allow us to cultivate the crop and return it to the field to continue irrigating the crop. Once the crop is harvested we wind the tape back onto the spools and store it until it is needed for another crop. Over the past few years we have been able to use the lines for 2 to 3 crops. After that time there are too many holes and breaks in the lines. At this time there is not enough of this material used in our area to set up a recycling facility.
When returning the drip lines after hoeing we lay out the lines, turn on the water and then move down the rows moving the lines under the crop with the handle of a hoe, see below.