If you have love to give then Daisy can take it, just don't mess with her chickens. She got plenty of attention last Sunday morning from members who took part in our Tomato Tasting Sleepover.
Daisy has been a little underemployed just lately thanks to a neighbor with sheep. Coyotes were killing their sheep so they went on a coyote extermination binge. There is some speculation as to how many they killed but suffice to say I have only heard them once so far this year. Daisy's job is to keep the coyotes away from the chickens. She would kill them if they entered the fenced area but so far none have dared. We like coyotes as they help keep the rabbit and pheasant population under control. Our goal is to disrupt the natural environment here as little as possible. As you can imagine with no predators the rabbits have had a field day. They are becoming a pest. So much so that another neighbor has put a $5 bounty on each one.
If the sheep farmer had fenced correctly and had a guard dog the coyotes would have been  kept away. This is an example of actions where the full implications were not understood.