We have been using compost made from San Francisco and Oakland food waste since 2000. We like the stuff and it makes perfect recycling sense. Every week trucks leave the farm with vegetables for the Bay Area, along with them are the nutrients from the soil needed to grow them. We have to replace those nutrients some how. What better way than compost made from city food waste. Keeping food waste out of the landfill has another very significant benefit: no methane production. Methane is a 20 times more damaging greenhouse gas than CO2. Food waste compacted in a landfill decomposes and produces methane. Composting is made with lots of aeration and little or no methane is produced.
The Company that runs the landfill occasionally asks us to host camera crews to explain how we use the compost. We are happy to oblige.
This crew was working for NBC Nightly News. We do not know when it will be broadcast.