You know where your food comes from and last Saturdays Tomato Sauce party was a great example. Lot’s of sauce was made as well as community. Community is what we do here and we have been looking at making our box even more local than it is already. About 97% of the produce in your box comes from this farm or farms within 100 miles of the Bay Area. We are very happy about this. The last few percent come from Twin Girls Farm near Fresno (200 ‘ish’ miles). Nacho and his family supply us with Pomegranates, Pommelo’s and other Citrus. These are not available to us locally in the quantities we need. We have lots of citrus planted but their yield will not be enough for at least another five years. I have to admit that I really like Twin Girls Farm, they have really great quality fruit. Twin Girls Farm is also a fully Mexican American family operated farm.
My question to you all is do we need to go the last few percent? We would like to say we are a local CSA but that would mean dropping Twin Girls Farm and modifying what is in your box in the winter. Please let us know by emailing the office.
A big thank you to all who came to the tomato party. We cooked 2,000 lbs of Tomatoes!… Nigel