Last week I put forward the idea of making sure everything in your box would be from  within 100 miles from the farm. We are already at about 97% and the only real change would be to drop some of the citrus which we get from Twin Girls Farm in Fresno. This is something I am reluctant to do as their fruit is great and we are supporting a Mexican American farming Family. Thank you for your emails they have been 100% behind keeping Twin Girls and not tying us into 100 miles. We are so close at 97% there is really not a need to go any further we have been hearing from you.
The question came up as some of you may have had another farm knocking on your door promoting a home delivery service. These people offer a great service but they do include  produce from the whole of the West Coast and Mexico. Our goal here is to provide you with the best possible box of produce that is in season from our farm and supplement it (20% over the whole year) with items from local farms that we do not have or are short on. Home delivery is a convenience for which you pay about $5 either in less value in your box or as an extra charge. We aim to keep our costs to a minimum and give you the best value in your box every week. If you have any comments or questions please do not hesitate to email or call.. Thanks for supporting our Farm… Nigel and the crew.