On Tuesday we finished the first irrigation of our new 20 acre pasture for the chickens for next year. This will enable us to give our vegetable fields a ‘rest’ every two years. The legumes in the pasture and the chicken manure will replenish and build fertility to grow more nutritious vegetables. We have been working toward this goal for some time now.
Our first ‘harvest’ of meat chickens takes place next week. The chickens role is to help us build fertility on the farm and to provide those of you who enjoy chicken with a great source of pasture raised meat.
We are now feeding Triticale which is a high protein wheat cross to the chickens. Our hope is to increase the amount of local food for them from the current 50% to 75% .
Our very much appreciated delivery driver Cory left this summer to pursue his dreams to work on a goat dairy. Cory is doing well. Cory’s job was split is two and Sara and Morgan have joined the farm to make all the deliveries. We heard ‘rumblings’ from the Friday deliver people that it was not a good day fro them so we have concentrated our delivery days into Wednesday and Thursday.  This plan was commented by the fact that our Sprinter Truck dealer Larry increased the discount on a new truck from $5,000 to $10,000. We now have two of these large ultra low emission vehicles (ULEV) delivering your produce  boxes and getting a very respectable 20 miles to gallon of diesel.
We now have space in the truck to expand most sites, especially on Thursday. Tell your friends and take a look at the list on the website for details on which sites have spaces.  Thanks for your support of Eatwell Farm, we could not do it without each and everyone of you… Nigel