This is the time to plant garlic in Northern California. Our seed is grown at high altitude away from those plant virus carrying aphids. The seed is supplied to us by Steve at  Lockhart's Seed in Stockton.  He always calls around to the local organic farms in early September checking in on how much we all need. His truck delivered our seed on Thursday and the next stop was Full Belly Farm fifty miles north of us up in the Capay Valley. We have the same amount of seed as last year, 1500 lbs of 'California Early'. The seed is large graded cloves which we plant every inch in the row, three rows to a bed.

Jose and the crew planted the crop while I was at the Farmers market on Saturday. Roberto prepared 15 beds, one and a half acres on Friday. This should have been enough beds for the seed we bought.

We will begin harvesting green garlic in february and continue until the heads are ready in late June.