You could say that summer ended and winter arrived with a vengeance today. This is our house foundations and the tub box in the bottom right of the picture is full to a depth of 4". The farm is very wet, even so today was a pick day. Jose and the crew were out there picking for your box just like every other week. Monday was a very long day as expecting the rain we picked as much as we could. We also harvested 500 chickens into their transport crates. Today was their one bad day when I took them to Grimaud Farms in Stockton where they were processed. They have spent the rest of their lives on pasture here on the farm and now they reside in a cooler where, on Wednesday, they will be vacuum packed and then frozen. There will be details of how you can order one of more of these tasty birds for your self is included with this and next weeks newsletter. Members of the farm get first dibs and if any remain we will offer them at the farmers market.

Open you box this week and please give thanks to the hard work of the crew for making it happen in such difficult circumstances. The only difficulty I had today was keeping the truck on the road in the high winds and rain to and from Stockton.