Known to those that love it, including me as Celery. we have been working hard over the last couple of years to work out a system to grow this crop in our hot dry summer.

We tried growing the plants ourselves but it is just too hot here. we now buy our organic seedlings from Headstart Nursery in Watsonville. The plants easily cook in the intense heat ounce planted in the field even if we water them constantly. Now we erect mini shade structures over them and then sprinkle the water on. After we cultivate for the first time we do not replace the shade. We keep them very wet give them a light sprinkle daily or every other day.

Now we have a wonderful crop of celery and celeriac which we will have for our Thanksgiving Eatwell Boxes.

Gophers also like the celery as you may notice in the bottom left corner. These delightful furry creatures like to eat the roots of the plants. We have installed an owl box to help the owls raise families on nice fresh Gophers.