My plans to start our grain CSA this month have been delayed. I have not been able to book time on the hulling machine that removes the hull around the seed of the Farro, Oats and Barley. On top of that our dry beans are still in the field. We were a little late planting and the 4 inches of rain almost three weeks ago caught us unable to harvest. I am hoping to get these into safe storage later this week.

Please be assured that I am working on it. I am excited by how many of you have expressed interest. My plan is to have a weekly share that goes with our Eatwell Boxes. So this will be a small regular amount of grains, beans, rice, flours rather that a monthly delivery.

This week my goal is to get all the seed I need to plant next years harvest of grains in June. Watch this space for more details.... Nigel

Grains 101... That is Barley in the picture it is two row variety called 'Metcalf'. It is the one Sierra Nevada are using in their own home grown beer now available in some stores.